3 of the Best Social Media Plugins for WordPress

Traffic, that is the most important thing for any blogger wherever you are, whatever you blog about and whoever your audience is. The exponential growth of social media has even made it more possible for new and old bloggers alike to get their site recognized and quickly circulated.

As a blogger you know that the competition is high therefore, it is necessary for you to find a way to make your blog more interesting than other blogs; and how do you achieve this – WordPress social plugins. There are so many social WordPress plugins with a wide array of functionalities that you may become totally confused on opting for the best.

When starting a blog, whether it is your 1st or 31st, it is important to make sure it is set up correctly. This involves covering SEO from the get go. In this article you’re going to learn about the 3 of the best social media plugins for WordPress that you can start using now to help increase your SEO presence and drive the needed traffic to your site.

1. Floating Social Media Sharing Plugin

Social Sharing Icons

This is a social plugin that allows you to place buttons for people on your post as well as help you choose any type of social media website that you want to target. There are also customization capabilities where you have the freedom to customize the plugin according to your website theme. You can also add social media sharing buttons on both your mobile site and desk top. It was last updated in February 2016. You now have a pool of display options to choose from including a series of widgets, a series of icons or buttons and a single icon. Whatsapp sharing button on mobile is now available.

2. Jetpack Sharing

Jetpack Plugin

Jetpack Sharing is by far one of the top WordPress social plugins available now. On every single post of yours the plugin adds a button on a wide variety of social bookmarking websites, allowing people to easily vote for you and submit your post to various other social media. Jetpack Sharing gives you the chance to select any buttons of your choice and activate them.

3. Facebook subscribe button and Twitter follow button

Twitter Iconfacebook logo

These two are definitely worth mentioning on the list of 3 of the best social media plugins for WordPress as they have become a fundamental for any blog. It is relevant to mention it here again, just to emphasize its general importance. Facebook and Twitter are indispensable since they have the highest number of social media users in the world. The plugins can easily be implemented by copying and pasting code snippet into the text widget on your site or blog.

With the introduction of social media and the constantly updating search algorithms there is a huge emphasis on activity to your blog through social media. Search engines love social media and are now taking them as a preference over many traditional SEO practices. So, why wouldn’t you take advantage of the largest social media networks in the world?

You can get these 3 of the best social media plugins for WordPress or if you are in the market for custom or premium themes, you can have them included in the design.