5 Great WordPress Plugins

Many businesses use WordPress to help promote their work, if you have created a WordPress site you might like to look into some of these top SEO plug ins.These plugins will help your site function to the best of it’s ability by improving usability and increasing the number of visitors to your site. Here are five great plug ins, many of which can be downloaded for free.

1. SEO Friendly Images

Friendly images will help to increase the traffic to your webpage by automatically adding alt and title attributes to your images. The alt attributes will describe your image allowing a user to search for it. Whiles the title attribute helps visitors as the text will automatically appear in the tooltip when the mouse is rolled over the image. This plug In will add these for you according to your own options.

2. All-In-One SEO

All In One SEO will optimize your webpage so that it can be easily found in search engines such as google. It does this by fine tuning your pages navigational links and automatically generating META tags. It also automatically optimises your titles so that they can easily be found in all search engines. However you are also able to override these features and set any titles, META descriptions and META keywords yourself.

3. WordPress SEO by Yoast

This is one of the best plugins available and is constantly in all the lists of top plugins. WordPress SEO allows users to use open graph Meta data to optimize your pages. This will help your page be displayed properly when shared by others via social media sites such as facebook. You will be able to generate more traffic from social media by using WordPress SEO as it allows users to share your photos.

4. W3 Total Cache

There’s nothing worse then waiting for images to load on a website.This plug In will make your photos load a lot quicker; increasing user satisfaction and encouraging repeat visits to your site. This is the only plug in which will both increase the speed of your page and improve user experience, therefore it is a very useful tool if you want to keep customers happy. W3 Total cache works by increasing server performance, reducing the download times of images and video. It also provides transparent content delivery network (CDN) integration.

5. Gravity Forms

Gravity forms is a must have plug in for any on line business. Although you have to pay for this plug in it is well worth the money. By using Gravity Forms you can allow users to easily contact you.  This plug in works using shortcodes based and includes built-in searching. Users who are logged in will be able to search your site and edit their directory listings. Gravity Forms is very easy to use and set up and also comes with additional add on that you may choose to use at a later date. These include Gravity sales force or the Exact target add on.