When an individual sets up a blog, there are many things that they should consider before they release it on the Internet. The type of blog that the blogger sets up can make a major difference in how much activity that they will get when its up. If the blog is set up correctly, it will make it easy to post information on the blog for their audiences to see. Further, the theme that they blogger chooses can also make it difficult to maintain or relatively easy. So, it is essential for those who are in the position of selecting the best design for a blog to do their homework in advance. Fortunately, there are some great resources online that can assist everyone with making the best choice. Some of which are more commonly known and popular than others.

When the topic is writing, bloggers need a simple solution for multiple purposes and reasons. Since a writer needs a blog that will allow them to stand out in their industry, they need a tool that will allow them to write freely and with ease on a blog that is both intuitive and powerful enough for the blogger to make a variety of changes as needed. Even though the blogger needs a powerful tool that represents them, it is important that its design reflect that of a minimalist.

So, for people who may be interested in the best tools and resources available in the industry, they should consider the use of WordPress themes as the best options for their implementations. To accomplish these and other objectives, here’s 4 WordPress Themes for Simple Blogs.

1. Divi

Divi Theme

Divi can be described as a creatively bold and clean streamlined responsive WordPress website theme. It is a uniquely flexible, while also offering an all-encompassing one-stop shop solution. Bloggers can benefit greatly from its speed and efficient design that’s easy to maintain.

2. Soledad

Soledad Theme

When a blogger is looking for a best seller, they may want to consider Soledad as their top choice. With hundreds of sales in under a week, its a youthful and visually appealing solution for those who want an option that is aesthetically polished. It has also been crafted to be an all-encompassing site that is effortlessly for maintaining. One of its best features is it provides over 100 custom built sliders that bloggers can make their selections from.

3. Foodica

Foodica Theme

Foodica can be described as intuitive, easy to use and a responsive multi purpose theme. Built to be deployed for a wide diversity of websites and projects, its perfect for food related sites. Bloggers can use this WordPress theme for a wide range of food purposes including those that may be food critics, restaurants, caterers, and reviewers. With this layout, bloggers can begin their site implementations immediately.

4. Webly

Webly Theme

Webly is often described by its users as being a deliberate and purposeful wordpress theme. This is because this blog has been designed exclusively for bloggers that want to express a professional and personal. So, the designer has included various standards including Video, Galleries and Audio along with some transition effects.