The Things to Know When Choosing WordPress Hosting

How do you choose the best WordPress hosting? Be it for businesses or individuals, launching a website is a great way to widen the customer reach and connect with a global audience. Although Google and Blogger are easy options but devoted, web-hosting companies will undoubtedly give a signature of your trademark.  And WordPress comes as the absolute leader when choosing your web-hosting platform.

No, businesses no longer look at building websites solely with the help of programmers. Rather, they look at web hosting providers with website builders and only look at customizable solutions only for a part of the project.

So what are the must have features of web hosting and how does WordPress score? How to choose the best WordPress hosting? Here is a look at some of the things to look out for.

1. Website Builder

WordPress has an integrated website builder by the host. Templates contribute majorly in the web design industry, and the premium templates of WordPress can be a great option to include in high-end conversations.

2. Special features and add-ons

.in, .org, .net are some of the sub-domains that are warmly welcomed when associated with the primary .com domain. This gives an added sense of security for the fact that no other domain name can come up with the same extension and the same name.  You can choose all types of domain names with your WordPress site.

3. Updated control panel

There’s no point wasting time on web interface if the web host has integrated control panel features. In fact, with a user-friendly control panel setup, the search engine optimization tools and logs can also be located on your eCommerce site.

4. Look for site statistics

What’s the bounce rate and the views per page? On-demand statistical tools should be available in your web host by which you can easily scale the current status and performance of the site. While some of the web host offers up stats, other require the extra pay before you can gain the access to these information.  Disk space, SQL databases, sub domain quantity are some of the vital information you must be aware of. WordPress offers you all this, for free.

5. Shopping carts

Capable eCommerce tools are a must for the web host, especially when the site is for selling products online. Be it a single integrated shopping cart application or the third-party shopping cart programs, you can choose whichever service depending on the need. While Joomla and Magento are good options for eCommerce sites, the ease of working with WordPress makes many prefer WordPress here as well.

6. Free Advertising Credits

This is almost an inevitable aspect and especially after the avalanche advent of social media, the advertising credits are indeed a great perk to enjoy. These actually help you get the word out about your business, that too without any added advertising budget. You would probably receive a free advertising credit at first.

7. Security

This is one feature that is invariably important for small, medium or large business medium. Secured transactions, verified pathways and security certificates will shield the site from illegal behavior. This eventually helps to earn the sense of confidence for your customers while they purchase online. The latest WordPress update helps keep your site secure. Of course, you can buy in extra security from your web host provider too.